FAQ – How to order

To start, select your new wingsuit based on your experience level and the type of flying you enjoy and are likely to do the most.
Each wingsuit in our range features a description on this site that will give you a good idea as to which one best fits your needs. If you’re not sure which wingsuit is for you, or you just want some advice, send us an email directly or contact one of our many field representatives for more information.

Once you’ve decided on the right wingsuit for you, there are three ways in which you can place your order.

Order through the website – Color Designer
You can opt to order your wingsuit through the Phoenix-Fly color designer. Simply input the various options, sizes and your personal information. The color designer will then generate a digital PDF form that you can email directly to orders@phoenix-fly.com. We will send an order confirmation when we receive your email.

Order through the website – PDF
There is a digital PDF order form available for each wingsuit in our range. By downloading the latest (free) version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can open and digitally fill out this order form, save it, then email the completed form to orders@phoenix-fly.com. We will send an order confirmation when we receive your email.

Order through a dealer
You can place your order through our vast global network of trained field representatives and dealers.
They will assist you with your measurements, provide detailed product information, complete all the paperwork and then submit your order. If you place your order through a dealer they will become your point of contact throughout. If you have any questions about your order, your should contact your dealer directly, not Phoenix-Fly as they will be better placed to answer your query. To find a dealer near you, please click here.

Orders received will be put in the production queue in the order they are received and built to information on the order form. Only the written part of the form is referenced during construction. Please make sure that your order is only submitted once final and that colours stick to the available pattern. If you are ordering a custom logo design with your suit, submit all files (in vector format) together with the order and a mock-up of the design. Incomplete orders will not be put in the system to ‘hold’ a position in the production queue.

If an order is updated or changed after being submitted, we will reset the order to the date of the last received order/client contact.
So be sure to only submit completed and finalized orders to prevent further delays.

Lead time and Rush orders
The current lead time on a new Phoenix-Fly suit is around 7-8 weeks.
This is always only a rough indication, and no guarantee, as a sudden surge in orders can update/change the lead time substantially.

Depending on how long the queue is, Phoenix-Fly offers a rush order service for those in immediate need of a wingsuit. This cuts production in time by half.  When lead time exceeds 10 weeks we are unable to offer a rush order service to ensure no further delay to other wingsuits in the production queue.