FAQ – Order options

Material choice: Parapak / Cameroon
We use various fabrics on our wingsuits, with thicker and more sturdy fabric in reenforced areas such as the knees and booties.
Standard we make the entire suit of the more sturdy Parapak material. Especially for skydiving, this is a recommendable option to deal with the additional wear and tear of airplane floors and repeated packing. For basejumping we also offer Cameron Ultra Light fabric. This slick fabric has good low drag characteristics and is 25% lighter than normal Zero-P. The fabric also is more durable and sturdy compared to normal ZP

Color options
PARAPAK: Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Green, White, Neon Green (400 DIN), Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, Adrenalin Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Baby Pink
CAMEROON: Black, White, Grey, Adrenalin Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Silver
STITCHING: Grey, Dark Grey, Green, White, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, Adrenalin Blue, Royal Blue, Pink
ZIPPERS: Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Adrenalin Blue, Green

NOTE: We no longer offer balloon ZP as a material choice

Performance Foam
Phoenix-Fly offers performance foam in the sleeve of all products.
This pre-formed leading edge was designed for the Vampire line of products and has now made it’s way into all other products. The foam makes sure the leading edge is always rounded and smooth, combined with the formfitting shape of the arm-sleeve meaning sharp flying due to the low-drag characteristics of our suits. The foam also takes some pressure of the arm, and gives the wing a more solid feel in flying.

Backfly Inlets
All our wingsuits have ram-air airlocked inlets, as originaly designed by Phoenix-Fly. On suits specificly designed for acrobatic flying, we also offer backfly inlets. This puts added sets of inlets on the back of the suit, allowing for inflation of the wings in all orientations.

Phoenix-Fly offer custom designed aluminium blades that lead to a new level of sharpness and accuracy in the flying abilities on our bigger wingsuit models. Working in a similar manner to the fins on a surfboard, they give the tail end of the suit a sharper carving ability, meaning tighter and faster lines. The fins are available as an option on the Vampire 5, Vampire Race and Venom Power.

5.10 BASE soles
Through our partnership with FiveTen, we offer BASE soles for our whole range of suits, giving you extra grip during walking or on exit.

Tail Deflector Cargo Pocket
Standard big Cargo pocket in the tail deflector to stash gear for basejumping

Dual Leg Cargo Pockets
Side cargo pockets in the tail deflector to stash gear for basejumping

Smart Phone Chest Pockets
Standard dual chest pockets for stashing of (smart)phone and other misc items.
Available on our range of small/intermediate suits. On Vampire Race and Venom Power only when ordered with BASE only harness, as dual zipper setup doesn’t allow for pocket placement.

Action Camera Belly Mount Hole
Optional hole for bellymounted action camera / GoPro setup

Armwing Cutaway
Optional, we offer the suit without armwing cutaway for those who prefer. Standard its delivered with armwing cutaways setup.

Covered MLW – BASE / Skydiving
On the Vampire 5, Vampire Race and Venom Power the suits are made with a hybrid covered MLW setup that allows for skydiving and basejumping. We have an optional ‘BASE only’ harnas optimized for basejumping only. The covered MLW is not available for our beginner and mid-range wingsuits, as there the classic over the shoulder zippers have added safety benefits in rigging.

Phoenix-Fly uses a courier for shipping.
Check the price listing to see the shipping charge for your region/country.

For repairs on your wingsuit, please contact edo@phoenix-fly.com to inform us of the repair. After the appointment is scheduled, send you suit to:

Migoline – Robert Pecnik
Vincarje 54
4220 Škofja Loka
tel; +386 (0)41 866690 Slovenija

Make sure you clearly mark the package ‘repair’, and also try and make sure the suit you send us is clean. For the people working on your suit, its not a pleasure to be smelling the last 400 jumps you made in the suit, so do try try and give it a wash if possible