Wingsuit Regulations
Each country has difference rules for wingsuit flying. To assist in figuring out local regulations, here is a brief overview of rules in various countries.
Note that on top of local rules, skydives are always bound to the rules of their own organisation. Not sticking to these rules leads to invalidation of liability insurance for the student.
Some of these countries do allow foreign jumpers to jump under their own rules, even when they don’t meet the local criterea. Its advisable to bring a copy of your own organisation rules when visiting a dropzone that has a higher experience limit for wingsuit flying.

Phoenix-Fly demands a minimum of current 200 freefall skydives before using any of our wingsuit products worldwide.

This includes France/Germany where local rules deviate from worldwide standards.
For our more higher performance range of suits, currency and additional wingsuit experience is mandatory as listed with each suit.
Please note liability, travel and medical insurance might not prove valid in case of injury or damage to persons or equipment when ignoring advised experience demands.

Use of a modern AAD and Skyhook/RSL is highly recommended.

USA / Europe / Asia
A Licence, 200 Freefall Skydives

D Licence, 200 Freefall Skydives*
* D licence and Wingsuit Crest/Award is needed for participation in group jumps.
Check with APF for more information.

C Licence and 200 Freefall Skydives

B Licence, 200 Freefall Skydives

D Licence, 500 Freefall Skydives

C Licence, FS qualification, 200 Freefall Skydives (limited to certain models approved by Danish federation).
C Licence, FS qualification, 300 Freefall Skydives

United Kingdom
C Licence, FS1 qualification
200 Freefall Skydives (in the last 18 months) or 500 Freefall Skydives

Hungary / Canada
C Licence, 200 Freefall Skydives

A Licence
200 Freefall Skydives (in the last 18 months) or 500 Freefall Skydives

This overview is here only for reference. Make sure to check local rules.
No rights may be derived from the information published here.