Project Base: fundraising

February 3, 2017Uncategorized
2016 has been a blast! It’s taken project base 97802 miles around the world on 33 commercial flights to 17 countries, 5 states and 5 continents with 299 base jumps. Action packed, relentless travel and immense fun has created this video that’s taken 1 year to film and hours to edit. Ethiopia Help project base [...]

WWL recap and Sukhoi performance

February 3, 2017Uncategorized
Great results at the WWL 2015 Seeing the Bronze medal at WWL be taken by Nathan in the Vampire Sukhoi, and Jarno chasing behind that at only 0.1 second in 4th place is a very epic, splendid, awesome and rad way to end the 2015 season. If you would ask me for my predictions before [...]

Aerodynamic engineering

February 3, 2017news, Uncategorized
Cleanest airflow suit so far! Putting our first active windtunnel tests into the real base environment, we're proud to show the clean airflow over the SU2 prototype we are currently preparing for release. Aerodynamicly the SU2 is the cleanest design we've ever made. Some of the new features we need to keep secret for a [...]