Phoenix-Fly designs, develops and produces state-of-the-art high performance wingsuits for skydiving and BASE-jumping. Our product range also includes tracking pants, jackets and other accessories for skydiving and BASE

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Phoenix-fly has been an active contributor to the engineering and development of human flight. We have excellent coaches available for skydivers that are ready for their next adventures in our sport. Coaches that will teach you all the required skills and awareness to safely jump into this fantastic sport.


Visit our Coaching page for more information, requirements and nearby coaches at your region/country.

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High performance tracking suits with great freedom and flight for your skydiving and base needs.




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High performance wingsuits with great agility, xrw work and performance.



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United talents with a passion for flight

Adrenalin Base makes state-of-the-art, high quality BASE harasses. With in depth research & development, great service and expert technical construction the company has lead the way in BASE jumping gear design.
ATAIR Canopies is a company of BASE jumpers and aviation enthusiasts. Providing the world with state-of-the-art, high quality BASE and skydiving parachutes, research & development services and technical consultation since 1992.
Learn To BASE Jump (LTBJ) offers a variety of comprehensive, exclusive courses, delivered by a highly experienced team. LTBJ have designed and developed every course from scratch, based on experience and knowledge gained over the team’s many years in the sport.
The team that is not only passionate about air-sports but also about creating the best and most innovative safety products for the sky and your skydive experience. The legends since 2006.