How to attach your Phoenix-Fly wingsuit to your Skydiving and/or BASE rig

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Our 2 Piece and Single Piece tracksuits use our custom fastening setup, to make sure the booties don’t shift on the body, providing maximum control and precision in flight.

For a good, snug fit use the adjustable  strap to link the bootie to/around your shoe, and then for practical use during gear-up, open/close the suit using the attached quick-connect buckle.

Note: The sleeves on your tracksuit will appear oversized when fitting on the ground.
To allow for inflation, and full reach of risers the length of the sleeve exceeds the length of your arm. This is a deliberate product feature, and not a sizing issue.


For repairs on your wingsuit, please contact to inform us of the repair.

Make sure you clearly mark the package ‘repair’, and also try and make sure the suit you send us is clean. For the people working on your suit, its not a pleasure to be smelling the last 400 jumps you made in the suit, so do try try and give it a wash if possible.


Next to our main facility, Phoenix-Fly has officially endorsed riggers, with support in materials and factory feedback for quicker turn-around on repairs.

James Boole
Brento, Italy


Wingsuits, like any clothing item you wear, can and should be washed to prevent sweat and dirt accumulating over time.

It’s recommended to rinse your suit under the shower for a light cleanse, or (inserting the suit in a laundry bag or pillow casing) machine washing it, setting the machine to cold / hand-wash with no (or very mild) laundry detergent.

Do not spin-dry or use heat at any stage of the process, and avoid drying the suit in direct sunlight.
As the cells and foam in the suit can collect a lot of water, its recommended to support the suit with 2 hands once removing it from the shower or washing machine.