The shadow is a wingsuit designed for first flight instruction. It’s also extremely well suited for those wanting to learn the basics of formation flying, backflying and various other acrobatic moves, as well as first wingsuit BASE jumps (when combined with sufficient experience). The no gripper armwing design, and high armwing root allows for a completely unobstructed reach of the BOC. The small wing size and smooth handling characteristics make it one of the easiest to fly and wingsuits available.

It’s small wing size also makes the Shadow a great tool for those keen to learn wingsuit freefly and headddown carving.


Constructed from high quality materials, the Phantom is built to the highest standards.
A wide array of available options allow the suit to fully be tweaked to your personal preferences.

Smart phone pocket (Standard)
Preshaped foam leading edge (Standard)
5/10 Soles
Base or Skydive Rigging
Action Camera Mounting Hole
Backfly Inlets
Tail Cargo Pocket
Dual Leg Cargo Pockets
Side Cargo Pockets
Sublimation Printed Design
Ultra Light (UL) Material

1395 Euro (ex. VAT)

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