Phoenix-Fly has a team of dedicated ambassadors who are chosen to represent us in the field. They are active and current wingsuit pilots in the skydive and/or BASE environment and experts in various fields such as coaching, event organization, flight shows, public speaking and commercial / film stunts. Our ambassadors also assist us in design through input and feedback on our prototypes and products. PF ambassadors are also capable of aiding general safety, coach education and training at your dropzone.

Our PF Ambassadors host and attend various wingsuit events and boogies as coaches. For events in your region, contact our listed Ambassadors directly for more information.

If you are interested in having a PF Ambassador at your dropzone or event, send us an email

Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall – Instagram – YouTube
Craig Lambton – Instagram
Edo Senica – Instagram
Jarno Cordia – InstagramYouTube
Jean-Jacques Wallis – Instagram – YouTube
Jenna Gygi – InstagramYouTube
Luca Giovannini – Instagram
Marco Milanese – Instagram
Matt Moore – Instagram
Peter Salzmann – InstagramYouTube
Sam Hardy – Instagram YouTube
Scott Paterson – Instagram – YouTube
Tim Howell – Instagram
Tom Erik Heimen – Instagram


The PFC Program was active from 2004 to 2020, teaching experienced wingsuit pilots methodical and safe coaching of first time flyers. To guarantee currency and quality of coaching, the program has been retired, replaced by our Phoenix-Fly Ambassador network.

A complete listing of wingsuit pilots who completed the PFC program, can be found here.
This listing is no longer active or updated.