Phoenix-Fly Coach Program

The goal of the Phoenix-Fly Coach program is to educate users in the safe and responsible usage of Phoenix-Fly products. The Phoenix-Fly “First Flight Course” aims to teach students the essential practical aspects of the discipline so that they can perform wingsuit skydives safely. As well as promoting safety, the Phoenix-Fly training program will endeavor to help develop the wingsuit discipline, answering questions, sharing knowledge and organizing events & competitions.

The PFC program has been running since spring 2005, and has certified many new coaches throughout the world.The program received an update spring 2010, with a partial rewrite and expansion of the course materials. The listing of coaches was also evaluated for currency, with only skilled and active flyers still listed. Another big change is that PFC bare a responsibility, and in case of them not adhering to the standards set by the program, will loose their listing. For anyone looking for instruction in wingsuit flying, picking one of the coaches on the Phoenix-Fly web assures you will receive quality coaching in a structured and proven format.

Wingsuit flying is a relatively new and increasingly popular skydiving discipline.
In terms of flying a wingsuit, it largely builds on the skills and experience a skydiver has gathered in their jumping career, allowing them to achieve even greater performance in the air.

Phoenix Fly has a wide range of wingsuits in various performance categories. Some of which are specifically geared towards first flight students. The Phoenix Fly Coaching Program was conceived to set an instructional standard for skydivers to enter the wingsuit discipline. The aim is to offer a standard training system that is less complicated, affordable and at the same time makes wingsuit flying more accessible.

The PFC Program

The PFC training program focuses on the important aspects required to safely perform a wingsuit skydive, namely the:

– Main differences between a wingsuit skydive and a normal skydive
– Correct assembly of the wingsuit
– Gear check
– Aircraft exit and flight path
– Deployment and emergency procedures

The PFC First Flight Briefing (FFC) was conceived with the normal dropzone environment in mind. Special events such as large boogies require additional special provisions.

The cost of the PFC coach course is $200 / €165,- (+ instructor slot on 2 exam jumps). A max of 3 exam jumps can be made to get a good result. For foreign locations with high travel expenses higher rates may apply.

Phantom series
Shadow series

The PF Coach Course FFC is not limited to use of PF suits, and allows for several suits as long as the a armwing root is not extending down the upper/lower leg for an unobstructed pull, and the legwing doesn’t extend past the feet. As a rough guide, check for suits listed as ‘rookie’ in the FAI competition catagories at

Note that list of rookie suits include some models demanding 5 up to 25 prior wingsuit jumps.
Always check the manufacturers website for the most detailed information, or check with your local PFC.

– a minimum of 200 freefall skydives, and suitable experience level*
– a valid skydiving licence
– suitable gear
– liability insurance
* to be judged by the coach with the additional approval of the DZ safety officer. Requirements may vary in your country.

AAD and use of Skyhook/MARD or RSL is recommended.

If you meet our requirements you can attend a PFC training course conducted by a PFC/E. On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the PFC patch and will be able to provide wingsuit FFC’s and coaching.

To become a PFC you must satisfy the following criteria:
– An experienced, current and licensed skydiver
– A knowledgeable and capable wingsuit pilot
– Have at minimum of 100 wingsuit flights

Preferably holder of a Coach or Instructor rating. Teaching experience outside of skydiving can also be considered. 
Attending the course does not guarantee passing. To be accepted as a PFC coach one must succesfully pass the theory and practical teaching and flying exam.

A listed PFC who doesn’t comply with the set instructional standards will be removed from the list of active coaches. Check the PFC database to find a list of active coaches in your area.


Phoenix Fly and Adrenalin Base have selected several skilled wingsuit pilots as examiners.

PFC-E Europe
Benoit Syben (BE) – email
Edo Senica – email
Giovanni Silvestri – email


Craig Lambton – email
Bryan Campau – email
Ian Mitchard – email


Find your nearest coach that can help you progress into the sport of wingsuit flying and find the regulations for each country.

Coaches listed per country, in alphabetical order

Note: People listed on the website are active wingsuit coaches who adhere to the strict safety and currency demands Phoenix-Fly puts on wingsuit instruction.  Coaches need to do a minimum of 50 wingsuit jumps per year, of which 5 FFCs/currency jumps to remain listed. On longer lapses, getting current again via one of our PFC-E’s is mandatory. Contact us if you have comments or questions regarding the training of our listed coaches. Coaches not adhering to the set safety and experience standard for students listed here will be permanently removed as a coach from our database.

Milson Barnard
Greg Cox
Clint “Daddo” Dadson
Travis Naughton
Sandra Northey
Scott Paterson PFC-E
Ryan Scarlet
Goran Turk
Doan Vu
Andrew Wright
Kingsley Treloggen
Jason Dodunski
Chloe O’Brian
Adam Fiannaca

Markus Allesch
Chris Espen
Wolfgang Lienbacher
Martin Seibert
Trammer Thommas
Pete Viertbauer
Bernhard Wansch
Markus Pressl
Lisa Buchner
Philipp Gassner
Daniel Fluch
Johannes Meier

Blair Egan
Ulysse Belange r
Benoit Foulon
Simon Gélinas
Alain Houde
Oscar (Oz) Lozada
Roger Yang

Jurgen Camps
Matthias Darcis
Aramis Bier
Niels Jongen
Martijn Decauter
Thijs DeSchepper
Eli Gerris
Greg Louwet
Danny van Oosterwyk
Benoît Syben PFC-E
Bart Vereecken
Mathias Pöpsel

Gleison Barion
Christopher Bertonha
Hugo Cardenas
Francisco Caus
Kennio Domingues
Rick “Sagui” Fraganani
Flavio Jordão
Rodrigo Lira
Gabriel Lott
Leonardo Orsini
Erick Rocha
Pedro Vianna Silva
Glauber “Jack” Jackson Silva
Luiz Henrique “Sabiá” Tapajós
Juliana “Julie” Vidotti
Lucas de Zorzi

Konstantin Angelov

Lala Ladislav

Frits Jensen
Mads N. OIsen
Nikolaj Valentin

Miikka Sakari Oksanen
Aleksander Truu

Eric Gintz
Jeannoel Itzstein
Flavien Rouillard
Jeromme Labouere
Aurelien Lamaire
Julien Weiler

Pilvi Keranen PFC-E
Marko Vayrynen
Valtteri Harri
Tommi Ikonen
Jari Jokinen
Valtteri Lipsanen
Jussi Markkanen
Antti Paakkari
Harri Perätalo
Marek Skowron
Sami Sucksdorff

Stephan Beutel
Yuri Bayat

Daniel Flormann
Florian Berniger
Jéròme Schmid
Daniel Ossio
Jerome Stoltze
Patrick Joswig
Andre Reichel
Patrick Joswig
Peter Birlin
Sandro Böhme PFC-E
Thomas Christoffel
Alex Fritsch
Thomas Häberle
Daniel Hellfeier
Benedikt Klees
Thorsten Kober

Melanie ‘Melli’ Koch
Harry Kloska
Patrick Kramer
Lutz Ludke

Michael Nass
Matthias Pfrommer
Jojo Rose
Marc Stanglmayr
Marcel Verdult

Iason Manousos

Monika Szabo
Peter Nemes
Zalan Szilagyi

Peter Breen
Ed Dekhorst
Liam Graham
Luke Hederman
Niall Hanley
Kris Kacprzak
Damien Smith

Luca Barbieri
Stefano Bonserio
Fabrizio Fontanesi
Nicola Galli
Luca Micalizzi
Gerardo Capezzera
Luca Micalizzi

Vincenzo Nuzzi
Giovanni Silvestri PFC-E
Alessio Spina
Michele De Simone

Masutaka Shigemoto
Shin Ito

Linas Palovis

Ingus Augstkalns

Joseph Edward Likierman

Eric Geerts
Rob Bakker
Marjolein vd Bos
Fons vd Boom
Yorick Bleijenberg
Jarno “Mc” Cordia
Detlef van der Hoeven
Kewin Kubryk
Martijn Maas
Roy Oerlemans
Werner Pauchli
Floor Verschure
Jessica Visser
Fokke Van Der Werf

Linn Mikkelborg

Donnie Bañez
Guillaume Calmelet
Wayne Holmes
Nick Macdonald
“Eazy” Erin Allison-Maxwell

Aleksander Domalewski
Janusz Paliszek

Pedro Assunção
Ricardo Lourenço Viegas


Sergey Burmenkov
Andrey Baykov
Dmitry Fisanov
Anton Gilev
Sergey Kistaichev
Semion Lazarev
Sergey Panasenko
Alexey Semionov
Mikhail Shumakov
Andrey Yurosh
Artem Zavgorodniy

Edo Senica PFC-E

Steve Bartels
Lehan Bornman
Tamsyn Snyman

Nate Jones PFC-E

Joaquin Forero

Ewa Kalisiewicz
Paula Silva
Alejandro “Alex” Lopez Arce
Miguel “Micky” Perez
Lucas Lacasa Horno

Guillaume Beck
David Bugnion
Nicholas “Phish” Cronin
Mehdi Fatnassi
Christoph Fessler
Jenna Gygi
Herwig Habenbacher
Lionel Scheurer
Moritz Schellenberg
Matthias Sieber
Michael “Michi” Schwery
Simon Wandeler
Gerhard Zimmermann

Niko “Machete” Rodriguez

Jeff Chan

Oleg Chuguev
Victor Pasichnyk
Alexandr Krjanovski
Valentin Kropov
Alexandr Marushko
Oleksii Samodid
Yura Vysoven
Vasyl Zhuravel

Darren Burke PFC-E
Rashid Hassan Ahmed Abdallah

Jonathan Charles
Liz Ashley
Simon Brentford
Melisa Dando
John Gillet
Jack Harfield
Roger Hughes
Jack Johnson
Anton Kuzmin
Sam Laming
Ed Luke
Macca PFC-E
Steve Murfin
James Stancomb
Val Sobol
Mark Wane
Jay Webster
Mike Williams
Mikael Kassabian


Bryan Campau PFC-E
Connor Gallegos 
Michael Craner 
Chuck Blue PFC-E
Ted Chen
Ke-aloha Dime
Emily Berkely
Scott Bland
Mirko Buholzer
Jose Calderon
Jason Carter
Billy DelGiudice
Mark Duber
Tom van Dijck
Patrick Everson
Gilead Elstein
Oliver Finkelde
Casey Pruett-
Adam Foster
John van Horne
Sean Horton (aka Monkeyboy)
Lee Hamilton
Joel Hindman
Brayden Jones
Mark Krasinkski
Kristina Kiefer
Stu Lange
Chris Mort
Connor McMahhon
Jake “Feather” Morse
Andrew Marenich
Ashly Marquardt
Andreea Olea
William (Bill) Onieal
Ed Pawlowski PFC-E
Alex Peterson
Dan Rodriguez
Avishai Schwartzberg
Matt Santa-Maria
Shane Sandler
Sean Scheurer
Owen Searls
David Smith
Douglas Spotted Eagle PFC-E
Bart Stonestreet
Alex Swindle
Kenn Walker
Boyd Wilkinson
James Yaru
Ian Mitchard PFC-E

Justin Colebrissi

Bai Mengxue

Katsu Hishii

Calin Dobos

Each country has difference rules for wingsuit flying. To assist in figuring out local regulations, here is a brief overview of rules in various countries. Note that on top of local rules, skydives are always bound to the rules of their own organisation. Not sticking to these rules leads to invalidation of liability insurance for the student. Some of these countries do allow foreign jumpers to jump under their own rules, even when they don’t meet the local criterea. Its advisable to bring a copy of your own organisation rules when visiting a dropzone that has a higher experience limit for wingsuit flying.

Phoenix-Fly demands a minimum of current 200 freefall skydives before using any of our wingsuit products worldwide.

This includes France/Germany where local rules deviate from worldwide standards.
For our more higher performance range of suits, currency and additional wingsuit experience is mandatory as listed with each suit. Please note liability, travel and medical insurance might not prove valid in case of injury or damage to persons or equipment when ignoring advised experience demands.

Use of a modern AAD and Skyhook/RSL is highly recommended.

USA / Europe / Asia
A Licence, 200 Freefall Skydives

D Licence, 200 Freefall Skydives*

* D licence and Wingsuit Crest/Award is needed for participation in group jumps.
Check with APF for more information.

C Licence and 200 Freefall Skydives

B Licence, 200 Freefall Skydives

D Licence, 500 Freefall Skydives

C Licence, FS qualification, 200 Freefall Skydives (limited to certain models approved by Danish federation).
C Licence, FS qualification, 300 Freefall Skydives

United Kingdom
C Licence, FS1 qualification
200 Freefall Skydives (in the last 18 months) or 500 Freefall Skydives

Hungary / Canada
C Licence, 200 Freefall Skydives

A Licence
200 Freefall Skydives (in the last 18 months) or 500 Freefall Skydives

This overview is here only for reference. Make sure to check local rules.
No rights may be derived from the information published here.