There are two ways in which you can order a Phoenix-Fly wingsuit:

Order through our website:
Choose your wingsuit, choose colors or create your custom layout via our color designer. Download the PDF from the color designer and submit it via email.

Order via a Dealer:
For tailored advice fitting your experience and skills and having your measurements taken, order via one of our Ambassadors or pick a dealer in your area from our extensive dealer network.

Only the PDF submitted is referenced during construction, so make sure all additional options, and (special) requests are noted in the appropriate section on the form, and not in a separate email or message.


Please measure with care, and always have someone else take your measurements. For best results, find one of our PF Ambassadors or dealers. Phoenix-Fly is not responsible for sizing issues related to the supplied measurements.

1. Height
Measure your height, without shoes, standing up straight, feet a shoulder width apart.

2. Chest
Measure the widest part of your chest.

3. Waist
Measure the narrowest part of your waist

4. Hips
Measure the widest part of your hips, with the measurering tape over the widest part of your buttocks

5. Shoulder to floor
Measure the distance between the nub of the shoulder and the floor, without shoes.

6. Torso/Body
Measure from the base of the crotch area, over the chest, to the indentation at the base of your neck.

7. Inseam
Measure from the base of the crotch area to the floor, legs shoulder width apart, without shoes.

8. Shoulders
Measure the distance between the two shoulder nubs, following the curve of the shoulders over the bottom nub of the neck joint.

9. Arm
Measure the length of the arm from the nub of the shoulder, over the elbow to the nub of the wrist bone.

10. Thigh
Measure the widest part of the thigh.

11. Bicep
Measure the widest part of the bicep, with your arm(s) relaxed by your side.

12 Wrist
Measure the widest part of the wrist.

13. Shoe size
Include your shoe size in UK, US or Continental (EU).

14. Weight
Include your weight in either pounds or kilogram.

15. Leg
Measure the distance between the hip bone and the ankle bone.


We normally strive to have a new wingsuit on your doorstep within 5-7 weeks.
High volume of orders has currently pushed our lead time up to 20 weeks

Phoenix Fly offers the option of a rush order, cutting lead time in half, at an additional charge. When lead time exceeds 10 weeks we sadly can’t offer rush service, to prevent longer delays for other customers. Contact us via email for further information and options, or ask your Dealer or PF Ambassador.

As Phoenix-Fly is always actively developing it’s products. As a result products depicted in small details might deviate from our production models..


We aim to have an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, but for information on orders and further communication email is always the preferred method of communication. We always strive to reply to your email within 2-5 working days, but high workload, events etc. can at times create a longer delay.

We ship our products via UPS. Prices for postage vary per region and will be communicated beforehand (direct or through your dealer). The customer is responsible for additional charges related to shipping or import.

For repairs and/or return shipping of demo suits, please use the following address:

Phoenix fly d.o.o
Vincarje 54
4220 Skofja Loka

For customers outside of EU/Schengen, please communicate before shipping to prevent additional import charges.


If you’re looking for personal advice, accurate measurements and a local point of contact to assist in your order, we have a broad network of dealers across the globe.

Kristian Sollie (NO)Email
Mike Hitchcock (UK) – Email
Elisabeth buchner (AT) Email
Giovanni Silvestri (IT) Email
Sam Hardy Email
Adrenalinbase (FR)Email
Tim Howell (UK)Email
Elana Cain (UK)Email
David Lafrague (IT -FR-CH)Email
Alpskydive – Yves Burri (CH)Email
Oleg Chuguev (UKR)Email
Allskies (EU)Email
Skydive Colibri (DE)Email
Jukka Biehl (DE) Email
Westsky (DE) – Email
Fabio Caldani (IT) Email
Darcis Matthias (BE)Email
Tom Erik Heimen(NO) Email

Green light skydiving – Email
Craig Lambton – Email
Alex Bravo – Email
Ian Mitchard – Email
Brandon Russel – Email
Chuting Star – Email

leelou Dallas Multipas – Email
Scott Paterson – Email
Mike Tibbits – Email

South Africa
Jean-Jacques Wallis – Email

Hayden GalvinEmail
Guillaume CalmeletEmail

George TangEmail

Darren BurkeEmail