We are proud to introduce the Roc.

The Roc is an expert class, highest performing wingsuit in our lineup that still offers backflying inflation. For expert wingsuiters that will not compromise on performance, glide and speed wise, but still now and again, like to play upside down.

While the suit does feature our classic PF airlocks, the thing that makes the new optional inlets special is the ability to via an opening in the armpit, reach to the armwing inlet and via press studs control the amount of airlock. While the system does require a bit of an efort from the pilot it’s the inlet control system – IPCS that makes a night and day difference when you are trying to fly collapsed on a slow flock or trying to snap that quick barrel roll or a transition. While the system was initialy built for the Roc we do offer the IPCS on all our wingsuits.

The Roc  was created through a merger of knowledge gathered from more than 10 years of  dominance in the competitive acrobatic wingsuit acrobatic  arena, mixed with design influences from our large surface models aimed specifically at wingsuit BASE jumping.

The suit quickly became one of our favorites. Try yours now.


Constructed from Parapak, Porcher Ultralight material and YKK Zippers, the Roc is built to the highest standards. Every suit is inspected by quality control before shipping out.
A wide array of available options allow the suit to fully be tweaked to your personal preferences.

Backfly Inlets (Standard)
Smart phone pocket (Standard)
Preshaped foam leading edge (Standard)
5/10 Soles
Base or Skydive Rigging
Action Camera Mounting Hole
Acro ‘Ghost’ grippers
Tail Cargo Pocket
Dual Leg Cargo Pockets
Side Cargo Pockets
Sublimation Printed Design
Ultra Light (UL) Material

1965 Euro (ex. VAT)

For more information on options and pricing check here