Our Wingsuits and Tracking Suits come with an extensive range of product features, some included standard and some as optional extras. Each individual products and it’s page in our design application lists which features are available to choose from.

5/10 Soles

High grip soles, to prevent wear and assure good footing during exits from airplane and cliffs.

Leading Edge

All Phoenix-Fly wingsuits come standard with pre-shaped foam leading edge, to assure clean aerodynamics and maximum control during flight.

Smart Phone Pocket

Stash your every day items such as phone, pull-up cords in a chest pocket, for safe storage and easy access. Standard on our full product line.

Backfly Inlets

Dual airlocked inflation, to enable smooth and controlled backflying and acrobatics.

Action Camera Hole

An aerodynamically shielded hole for placement of a chest mounted action camera.

Carbon Fiber Fins

CF fins exclusively available as an option on our Phoenix-Fly Vampire line, creating more lateral stability, direct control and maneuverability.

Material options

We offer our suits (standard) Parapak and Ultra Light (UL) for low drag and reduced weight characteristics.

For those looking for an additional weight reduction, we have super-UL material available.

Custom Print

Phoenix-Fly offers (in house) sublimation printing, for fully customizable design. Contact us for more details.

BASE / Skydive Rigging

Our suits are available in 2 different rigging setups, with dual zipper setup suitable for Skydive and BASE or (low drag) single zipper setup for BASE only.

Tail Cargo Pocket

A full size pocket, placed inside the tail deflector of our wingsuits / tracksuits for maximum storage capability.

Side Cargo Pockets

Additional side pockets for ropes, clothing or other climbing gear.

Pole Pockets

Pockets placed inside the booties/legs of our wingsuits and tracksuits, allowing for comfortable storage of hiking poles.

Rain hood

Available in our 2 piece tracking suits, the hood adds additional comfort and protection from cold and rain during hiking.

Tunnel Snaps

For Wingsuit Tunnel Flying and aggressive acrobatics, we have optional ‘tunnel snaps’ for a more secure closing of the suit.

Pressure Adjustment Zippers

zippers to adjust internal pressurization of the wings to tweak flight characteristics and deployment to your preference.

‘Ghost’ Gripper

Designed for wingsuit acrobatics, the internal gripper provides the user with the option of flying the suit completely hands free, while retaining the classic function of a gripper during exit and (performance) flying.


All prices are excluding .VAT and Shipping

Orders outside EU are free of VAT. 
Shipping prices will vary depending on region.
Phoenix-Fly is not responsible for import/customs duties.


Vampire  Comp. – 1995 Euro
Vampire  – 1965 Euro
Meru  – 1870 Euro
Rafale  – 1765 Euro
Strix  – 1710 Euro
Havok  – 1595 Euro
Phantom  – 1415 Euro
Shadow  – 1295 Euro


Arrow  – 1380 Euro
OneSie Power  – 1273 Euro

Power 2 Piece Pants – 400 Euro
Power 2 Piece Jacket – 340 Euro
Power 2 Piece (Combo) – 740 Euro

Classic 2 Piece Pants – 370 Euro
Classic 2 Piece Jacket – 340 Euro
Classic 2 Piece (Combo) – 710 Euro


Dual Side Pockets – 75 Euro
Cargo Deflector Pockets – 45 Euro
Zipper Venting System – 55 Euro
Pole Pockets – 45 Euro
Base Soles – 35 Euro
Action Cam Opening – 25 Euro
Backfly Inlets – 65 Euro

Full UL –  2P/1P/WS – 110/170/240 Euro
UL Internals – 2P/1P/WS – 50/80/110 Euro
CF Fins V Series – 120 Euro
Int. Hood 2P – 55 Euro

Subl. Graphics Print – 390 Euro
Graphic Design – 45 Euro/H
B/W Heatpressed Logo – 80/100 Euro
Color Heatpressed Logo – 110/130 Euro


High volume of orders currently our lead time is at 5 months (19-21 Weeks). As we are currently expanding our production line, we do expect the lead time to come down in the second half of the 2022 season.

To not create further delays, we currently don’t have any rush option available.