The Arrow is the biggest available OnePiece tracking suit in our product range. Based on the popular OneSie Power, it’s a step up in design, offering increased performance while retaining the same ‘hands free’ ease of use.

The Arrow features a trim designed for speed and glide, meaning a neutral body position puts the suit in full performance right from the start. The wide cross-section provides the user with broad lateral stability, for increased ease of flight and safety.

The steep trip, aimed at best glide, gives the suit a high sustained flight speed, providing the user with a powerful flare before deployment.

The full range of motion on the arms, allows for an easy exit, and full reach during and after deployment.



Constructed from Parapak, Porcher Ultralight material and YKK Zippers, the Arrow is built to the highest standards. Every suit is inspected by quality control before shipping out.
A wide array of available options allow the suit to fully be tweaked to your personal preferences.

Smart phone pocket (Standard)
5/10 Soles
Base or Skydive Rigging
Action Camera Mounting Hole
Backfly Inlets
Tail Cargo Pocket
Dual Leg Cargo Pockets
Side Cargo Pockets
Sublimation Printed Design
Ultra Light (UL) Material

1420 Euro (ex. VAT)

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