The Vampire is the fastest and most agile terrain flying suit on the market. From its first inception in 2004 all the way up to the present day, the Vampire has been a constant platform for innovation, purposely designed for wingsuit BASE and proximity flying with a balance optimized for glide, speed and agility.

The suit is optimized for low drag, with the aerodynamic profile featuring the cleanest lines possible in wingsuit design.

The Vampire ‘24 features an ultralight airlocked inlet to provide solid pressurization of all wing surfaces. A feature unique to the Vampire, the rear deflector provides better airflow over the suit, and increased lateral stability. Inflated through crossports, the rear deflector is completely free from drag-inducing features. The 3D shaped leading edge provides a sharp profile leading to precise flying with a 1 on 1 response to user inputs.

The suit comes equipped with unique carbon fins on the booties for increased directional control, making the suit handle like it’s on rails, in any direction, angle or speed.




Constructed from high quality materials, the Vampire is built to the highest standards: Parapak, Porcher Ultralight material and YKK Zippers. A wide array of available options allow the suit to fully be tweaked to your personal preferences.

CF Carbon Fins 
Smart phone pocket (Standard)
Preshaped foam leading edge (Standard)
5/10 Soles
Base or Skydive Rigging
Action Camera Mounting Hole
Tail Cargo Pocket
Dual Leg Cargo Pockets
Side Cargo Pockets
Sublimation Printed Design
Ultra Light (UL) Material

2165 Euro (ex. VAT)

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